Platform Features

Form Organizer

power to create forms using an intuitive drag and drop interface

APPEX Online can co-exist with other prominent software in your stack and deliver incremental and cross functional value. This has been achieved through integration with some external APIs and web services in the cloud to facilitate usage of other co-existent applications in a system stack, seamlessly.

APPEX Online APIs enables communication with other external applications.

Visual Data Modeller

enhances productivity and simplifies data modeling tasks.

Application level security
  • Encryption for user credentials and other sensitive data
  • Data level security which prevents user from seeing other user's data as controls render data in encrypted format

Infrastructure security
  • Hosting is done at our infrastructure partners which are compliant with various international standards of security (Certifications, Laws & Regulations and Frameworks). Information about host level security mechanism can be provided upon request.
  • If needed, the site can be SSL/TLS secured, which will allow up to 256 bit of data encryption.

Functional Templates

APPEX Online reporting tool allows to build a variety of reports and charts including HTML formatted reports. All these reports can further be configured as per your requirement.

Reports can be exported in Excel and PDF formats. Charts can be exported as PNG images.

Web connector

build in communication protocols

All popular mediums of messaging/notifications are possible. Users can be notified in following ways:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Web push notifications
  • Mobile notifications
  • System notifications

These can be scheduled in numerous ways as per the business requirement. These messages can have dynamically generated content.

Logic Builder

Take out the pain out of generating SQL queries

APPEX allows any type of workflow to be created in line with your business requirements.

Every event can trigger suitable synchronous or asynchronous notifications and escalations as per business rules ensuring automation of entire process.

This allows enterprise to scale-up productivity of its staff, efficiently manage the process and improve output.

Report Builder

automate future events

APPEX Scheduler can be used for scheduling any event. It allows to manage the execution time with multiple frequencies in a day. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, on any day of the week etc.

Communication scheduler is used to send personalized messages on all type of communication like System notification, email notifications, mobile notifications, web push notifications and SMS. These messages can have dynamically generated content.

APPEX Online provides the ability to track schedules and also scheduler execution status and the last execution date time.